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Digital Nomadism

Digital Nomadism, a phenomenon that began in the 21st century as a new trend concerning the workplace, is now becoming a global movement.

Tax Reduction in Greece for Expatriates

The Greek government has established tax incentives to attract foreign workers and the self-employed, but also Greeks who left the country during the financial crisis, to move back their tax residence and work professionally in Greece.

Effective Leadership through Kindness

You may have wondered as a leader to change your style of leadership to embrace kindness. We suggest as LMW that kindness is a quality that can characterise any type of leadership. And we offer you our insight with practical tips on how to exercise kindness according to your type of leader.

8 (smart) ways to increase employee efficiency

With all challenges of today’s environment, our inspired team will be glad to help you evaluate performance and improve your company’s efficiency to meet your goals.

How to Boost Team Engagement during the pandemic

  It took a global health crisis for business and HR leaders to realize that if the people...

Bonded Teams Win the Game

Why bother with team bonding? People always formed groups. In prehistoric times, they were called tribes. During the pandemic,...

The all-important Company Culture

  Can you continue to build and enhance your culture while your organization is operating remotely? People are working from...